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ABOUT ME:    I was born in San Jose, California.   I graduated from Westmont  High School in Campbell, California.   Moved to Oregon in 1989 currently living in Salem.  I work at the VA Medical Center here in Portland, Oregon

HOBBIES:  Baseball games, and fire department stuff, and selling AVON.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: I have a wife, and two daughters, one 9 and one 5, both in school

FAVORITE LINKS:   I am an independent Avon Representative, check out my Avon page

My fire page                        My heart page

FAMILY LINKS:  My photo's page  My wife's site Sharon's photo page  Carolann's photo page

My dad's dedication page

 Background photo is Candlestick Park home of the Giants from April 12, 1960 to September 30, 1999

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